The Ghouls are a product of the Ashen Death. Survivors of the Death become either a Ghoul or a Wraith. The first reported appearance of a Ghoul came in May 1884. A man in Latgale in Baltic regions of the Russian Empire reportedly survived the Ashen Death, but lost his mind, became a feral madman, attacking everyone around him until killed. Reports indicate that he had killed three people, wounded 25, and was only killed when shot through the head. He had withstood multiple beatings, had his arm cut off, and was shot three times in the chest and abdomen before the final bullet through his head killed him.

Ghouls are reportedly feral. They travel in packs, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, and seem to be able to communicate with each other although there is no evidence that Ghouls can continue to use languages known before their transformation.

There is very little reporting on Ghouls as they have evidenced a rabid hatred of Humans. They seem to be able to detect Humans nearby, even when the Human is hiding or they are separated by walls or other obstructions. All evidence indicates that Ghouls hated Wraiths even more than Humans. While Ghouls can be dissuaded from attacking Humans through shows of force – shooting and killing one Ghouls will generally lead the rest to retreat, unless they have an overwhelming numerical advantage – this does not hold true for Wraiths. When Ghouls interact with Wraiths, they exhibit a suicidal determination to destroy the Wraiths.

There is no evidence of tool use, even at the basic level of clubs, among Ghouls. They evidence no need for sustenance or even oxygen. It is unknown how their bodies continue to function without food, water, and air.


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