Sunken London

Sunken London is what remains of the great city of London and its suburbs following the Deluge. The waters rose slowly over many months, and the desire to save London so great that the government and great men undertook a multitude of projects to protect the capital from the rising flood. These many rescues led to a city shielded by a great dome of brick, tar, metals and even wood.

Multiple domes connected by underground tunnels now exist. The main section covers London that was north of the Thames, from the Tower to the Crystal Palace and north as far as Bloomsbury. A second dome covers London south of what had been the Thames as far as Vauxhall.

Work continues on these protective domes which have proven durable but imperfect. Pumps run continuously, and the exhaust smoke, released through stacks that rise above the waters, marks London’s location for anyone who didn’t already know. These massive, incessant, dark columns have been called the Pillars of London.

Were it not for the Pillars of London, the Spire would likely be its most memorable landmark. Rising one hundred metres above the North Sea, this is Sunken London’s aerodrome. With docking ledges for fifty airships, the Spire also boasts three massive elevators, two for freight and one for passengers.

Sunken London

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