the Ashen Death

The Ashen Death is a plague that was first recorded in early 1884. It is considered the second in the Trinity of Sorrows. The disease is believed to have originated in the worlds northern climes, first reported in Canada, Russia and Norway in February 1884, just as the upheavals of the Grand Cataclysm subsided. Symptoms included a loss of appetite, skin pallor, and an aversion to light. Death followed within days.

There had been no survivors of the Ashen Death until May 1884. A man in Latgale in Baltic regions of the Russian Empire reportedly survived the Ashen Death, but lost his mind, became a feral madman, attacking everyone around him until killed. Reports indicate that he had killed three people, wounded 25, and was only killed when shot through the head. He had withstood multiple beatings, had his arm cut off, and was shot three times in the chest and abdomen before the final bullet through his head killed him.

This is likely the first appearance of a Ghoul.

At the end of May 1884, in Baltimore in the United States, the local newspaper reported a woman survived the disease, only to disappear from the hospital. She was found five days later during a police manhunt. The police were not seeking the woman, but were tracking down a killer after ten murders that included the removal of extremities.

Unlike the Russian example, the woman seemed to retain her faculties, and could not only communicate verbally, but also was able to use locks and other mechanical devices, something which seemed beyond the capabilities of the Russian example.

This is likely the first appearance of a Wraith.

It is still not known how the Ashen Death is transmitted, or if it is a virus, a bacteria, or something else entirely. The period of time from onset to morbidity has accelerated since its appearance. In 1884, victims might survive days, while most recent reporting indicates mere minutes after the change in skin colour to death or alteration.

the Ashen Death

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