The Wraiths are a product of the Ashen Death. Survivors of the Death become either a Wraith or a Ghoul. The first reported appearance of a Ghoul came at the end of May 1884, in Baltimore in the United States, the local newspaper reported a woman survived the disease, only to disappear from the hospital. She was found five days later during a police manhunt. The police were not seeking the woman, but were tracking down a killer after ten murders that included the removal of extremities.

When police cornered the woman, identified in local newspapers as Lucille Timmens, she killed five and wounded a further seven before holding one injured police officer hostage. She was killed when the officer she held broke free and the Wraith was shot twelve times.

Unlike the Russian example, the woman seemed to retain her faculties, and could not only communicate verbally, but also was able to use locks and other mechanical devices, something which seemed beyond the capabilities of the Russian example. Reports exist of Wraiths engaging in long conversations when captured, pleading with their captors and attempting to play on their humanity and compassion.

Wraiths were physically more powerful than humanly possible, and seem to hunger for Human flesh. Some travelers and sailors talk of Wraith colony and Wraith fleets. Luckily, while they may congregate into large groups, in total they are few in number. They do not exhibit the primal hatred of Ghouls that the Ghouls have for them. Wraiths will attack Ghouls before Humans if both are in a Wraith’s proximity, though this is likely out of self-preservation, considering the suicidal desire to kill Wraiths exhibited by Ghouls.


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